M Hartley – Personnel File Summary – Secret

Max Ivan Hartley

Born 2265, Leeds, UK

Educated at University of Lancaster – Criminology 2.1 BSc.

employed on graduate recruitment program 2285 Polytech Galactic Enterprises.

2287 – Team member Colonial Procurement

2289 – Security Analyst Solar trading – classified

2290 promoted to full agent

2292 infiltrated Hanchow station contacted Indonesian cartel

2293 debriefed and re-located

2293 assigned to special procurement section

2295 commended for actions in controlling a potentially embarassing situation at Luna Mine 3.

2297 believed to have been contacted by Scotland Yard – Corporate investigation unit – close monitoring began

2298 investigation inconclusive, reassigned to colonial interfacing.

2230 arrested in police raid on Hanchow station.  Released after12 hours.  Operation Sanitise released information to police to implicate him in the procurement of colonial materials for the domestic markets in Asia.  Went missing within 20 mins.  Investigation ongoing.

current status – unknown – believed to be heading off-world for either the outer system or colonial space.


A new start in the colonies

The year is 2300 and somebody really needs to get away from it all!  The stars are right and there are many more places to hide on the new colonies.  Adventure and excitement are certain, but if these could be achieved with the minimum of publicity, that would be great.

Next time:  meet the team!